A PaaS Partnership with Jelastic

MPaas is based on jelastic product
To provide you the best IaaS services in a robust Magic Online infrastructure

A PaaS for DevOps

Simplified management

Flexible billing

0 code change

How it works ?

Fast deployment

Secure platform



Cloud infrastructure

Additional services

Additional services

Choose the model database for you: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, OrientDB, Neo4j and Redis.

Additional services

Additional services

More speed, high availability, security; the choice of service to be deployed; are services that you can combine to your servers and applications.

Wide range of servers

Wide range of servers

Your applications in Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET and Docker can be deployed easily few minutes and.

Pay less

Automatic scaling of resources

MPaaS will automatically adjust the amount of allocated to environment resources, called “cloudlets”, according to its current requirements. Each Cloudlet is 128 MB RAM and 400 MHz CPU. You can set minimum and maximum cloudlets your application may consume directly from the dashboard or via API.

With MPaaS you pay only for the resources in use

Easy to deploy

No need to code specifically for our API. Whether it's a new or existing applications, they are supported without any modification of code required.

Simply upload your code and automatically loads Magic PaaS deployment of your applications, the provisioning resizing through load balancing.

You can migrate your application from any platform to Magic PaaS with confidence, we take care of everything.

Deploy your applications with 1 click

Your applications can be deployed quickly using GIT, SVN, or plugins such as Maven, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans.

One click, you upload your application package, and you can choose the appropriate software environment!


PaaS offers a secure cluster consists of your choice resource groups: application servers, database servers, load balancers, memory manager, public IP addresses, SSL certificates. MPaaS also offers virtual dedicated servers based on Linux.

Easy to size

Applications are automatically sized to the specific needs of your applications with the function of Auto-scalling included in the solution.

MPaaS provides smart utilization via vertical and horizontal scaling, so that each installed application uses only resources in need - no more or less. You can set the amount of resources as well as the number of server nodes for your application.

Docker support

The PaaS platform supports Docker containers.

Docker is an open source platform for developers to create, send and execute distributed applications easily. Try it now with MPaaS and experience containers production-ready and manageable platform for DevOps.

Free your code with MPAAS

Enjoy the infrastructure and environment for deploying applications in the cloud.